The Eastern Canadian Thoroughbred Association was formed in 1983, to embrace all aspects of the breeding, and ownership of Thoroughbreds. In 1991, in order to appeal to a broader membership base, the association dropped the “Breeders” from its name and officially became the ECTA. Now, in addition to breeders and owners; riders, enthusiasts and admirers of the Thoroughbred Horse are warmly invited to join the ECTA.

Geographically, the region encompassed by the ECTA stretches from eastern Ontario to Western Quebec and even includes members that reside in Florida. Within this area, our members are active in a wide variety of Thoroughbred related interests including: breeding, line horses, racing, dressage, hunters, jumpers, combined training and even polo.


  • Promotes and sponsors prize money for Thoroughbred performance classes throughout this region.
  • Runs an Annual Awards program to recognize Thoroughbred / Owners and Breeders achievements in numerous categories.
  • Brings in speakers and holds various clinics
  • Supports Longrun Thoroughbred Retirement Society

The ECTA is also a forum where everyone has a chance to share information, and to learn more about the many aspects of this exciting field of interests. While there are no monthly meetings, members are united through the Annual Awards Banquet and a monthly newsletter “The Finish Line”, in which all members are encouraged to contribute to. It is through the newsletter that everyone has the chance to speak and stay in touch with events past, present and future.  As well as an association diary, the newsletter often contains important articles or updates on relevant federal and provincial regulations, veterinarian advice and preventative care features, information on upcoming events and shows, as well as interesting profiles of members. The Finish Line, while containing specific resource information also includes the names and contact information for additional services.  Members are invited to submit their cards or copy for free inclusion in the directory. There is a classifieds section for the members’ use as well.